I was scrolling down tumblr late night and saw the painting pictured on the top right, and it led me to find a new artist that I love: KwangHo Shin. I almost scrolled past it like I do most things but it caught my eye and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Art of course is subjective but I think you can only really appreciate a work of art when all you have to do is glance at it for a moment and it still speaks to you. Truthfully, anything less than that to me would just be pretending.

*Images from Google / artist KwangHo Shin

Deleted all the old files, photos sitting around.
Made a new background.
Fresh macbook feels good.


I’m thinking about how the basic necessities are overlooked. I’m happy that people overlook things like these because I’m starting to realize how special they are and it feels almost as though they’re little secrets hiding in plain sight. I’ve never thought about the importance of the essential items in our daily lives. Pens, tweezers, bobby pins, mirrors, notepads, et cetera. 

I think about these basics, and I realize that I don’t want anything else. I want to get rid of everything excessive. I only want to own the things that I absolutely need and absolutely love. It feels wrong to own things that I no longer like or care about. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me that every single item around me has a function, purpose or is simply there because I can not live without it. I only want to surround myself with these type of things. Getting rid of everything else will be a challenge.

doubleguarantee said: I'm curious what you think of my blog xo

It’s nice that you have a little bit of everything. To be honest though, I would be much more interested to see more about you. Anyone can reblog photos but not everyone can create original content. I like to see photos people take themselves, thoughts that plague their minds at 3am, their wish lists, their own videos. I’d much rather look at someone’s blog who manifests themselves into it. Almost so it feels like when you click their URL and start scrolling down the screen, you enter a bubble of their life and you get a sense of who they are. I think that’s something worth consideration.

New blog theme !


A piece from a past season that I admire so much. Ingeniously simple and entirely unique, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

It’s made of perspex, one of my favorite materials. With the help of my ‘knows how to make and/or fix everything’ boyfriend, I may eventually try to recreate my own version of this beautiful thing—Until then, I’ll just admire it. A very imaginative take on the standard transparent box clutches that were largely trending in 2013.

*Images from


I created this blog years ago because I had an aesthetic I wanted to bring to life. Now I just desire to produce a pleasing, positive environment around myself—free from clutter and the unwanted. I have a taste for simplistic luxury and that’s a vision I want to reproduce in every aspect around myself.

I’ve been a person who’s always felt the pressure to conform myself to a certain style. Growing up, I always wanted to fit a certain brand. I wanted to be devoted to only one aesthetic. I wanted me, and everything around me to strictly fit a certain style. My room, my friends, my clothes, my décor, my taste in music, etc. Growing up and maturing has brought me to the realization that this is unrealistic. Life is so much more than the lens you see it through.

I never could find a ‘lens’ that fit, anyway. The reason for that being that I don’t need glasses. Once I let go of the notion that I had to squeeze the entirety of myself into just one box, I began to find the real me.

Who am I?

I am N, and it has nothing to do with the things I like.

I once had a friend who was very adamant about proving that she was ‘real.’ She conveyed this to me by always reinforcing that she has always been the way she is—a passionate lover of hot cheetos, attracted to an edgy style, fond of ripped jeans, the color black, leopard print and leather jackets, a movie collector, and so on. She identified who she was with material objects, and she made me realize that I had been trying to do the same thing my entire life.

From her, I learned that the objects you surround yourself with and the amount of time you’ve loved those objects have nothing to do with it. Being into the same kind of fashion for 10 years doesn’t tell you anything about your identify. You have to look inward for that.

Thanks to her, I learned. My style is not something I can fit in one category, and that’s what makes me great. The more I practiced this belief, the closer I got to myself and knowing who I am, inside and out.

I’ve developed certain beliefs that I didn’t carry with me before. I’ve created an aesthetic all of my own, and the reason I created this blog is because I want to document it and share it with others. Reversely, the style I have grown into does not define me. My ultimate realization was that I. define. it.

The environment you create around you, creates who you are.

Anonymous said: Did you ever felt lost, like not knowing what to do in life or where to start? Or do you have advice on that?


Pay attention to how you feel, baby. Think about what is important to you. Take a long look at how things are—take into account the things you are grateful for and the things you’d like to change. Verbally list the things you’d like to change. Figure out how to change them (make a plan), and execute.

Also, read The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama.

deborahrebbeca said: You have such a wonderful blog! I know this is probably too much to ask of you, but I just started this blog and was wondering if you could possibly help me get mine out there? It's totally okay if not, but I'd like to have a successful one for a change. Thank you for your time! Have a lovely day! Xo

Hi love, thank you! I am probably seeing this message so late, it was buried amongst a lot of other conversations.

I don’t know what a successful blog is, what does that mean to you? To me it just implies that you express yourself in a way that’s pleasing to you, whether aesthetically, artistically, or both. I would say just don’t think about it too much. Manifest yourself, make it really ‘you’ if you know what I mean. What’s fascinating to me than going through a blog and really feeling the essence of a person. If you can achieve that, I’d read it daily.

People are so excited for fall talking about wearing hoodies and cuddle weather, Starbucks drinks and holidays and whatnot

And all I can think about are the coming September issues, Victoria’s Secret fashion show, fall streetwear, leather jackets and fur coats, thigh high boots, floor length fall coats and sitting by the fireplace drinking dirty martinis

isabelleblogs said: Hello love, I remember following you before I deactivated my old tumblr and I can see you're still as perfect as ever! I was just wondering if you had any dieting tricks & tips?

Thanks babe,

  • Try drinking a gallon of water every day
  • Some type of exercise every day
  • Eat big breakfast, medium lunch, small dinner
  • Replace junk with delicious home made food
  • Have one cheat day a week
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